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Our Services
With over 30 years of experience, our workmanship of masonry jobs have been increasing in range ever since. Acquiring new methods have made our works one of a kind, and many clients and strangers alike have complimented us on it. We have our ways of doing it professionally, and we do it to ensure the maximum lifetime it can withstand. Our attention to every bit of detail made our works one of the best found in Brooklyn, as well as other areas of New York City. Khan Home Improvement is licensed by NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, as well as certified by various programs such as EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. We do various types of works which include: brick work, cement stucco, sidewalk, brick pointing, sand blocking, stoop repair, thoroseal, thorocoat, brownstone repair, window lintel replacement, driveway concrete replacement, paver bricks, limestone, granite, or cement step replacement, waterproofing, and many others as well. We do both interior and exterior masonry works.

Complete Masonry Service 
Khan Home Improvement takes the time and care to provide best masonry works possible. When it comes to getting the best of masonry work done on your site, it's best to look for a trustworthy and professional contractor. Professionalism counts if you want the place to look at its best, as well as being functional. Of course, over here, we mentioned masonry services in general, but we'll give you more details on what we actually do in different part of masonry.

Brick Work:
Brick works may sound easy to do -- not. You can't just dab some cement and place bricks on top of one another. The exact measurements of the PSI gradient, how much is needed, and whether or not the structure can stay firm when it's being applied on are just a few to name. Besides, it might turn out wrong and break apart, causing more money to fly from your pocket when you hire a new contractor. And one main thing, make sure the contractor knows that he's doing his job correctly, and if he looks like he's being careless and doesn't know what he's doing, drop him like a sack of bag because it's isn't worth losing your money.

Driveway/Sidewalk Replacement/Repair:
You'll most likely notice broken sidewalks here and there if you ever took a stroll in the deeper part of Brooklyn. This is because heat has an effect on sidewalk. Besides heat making the concrete expand and shrink at different times, people walking over it a million times a day puts pressure on top of it as well. But that doesn't mean the sidewalk shouldn't be taken care of. Many people who dismiss this as a minor problem get violation tickets they don't have much clue about. In many sidewalks, there isn't an expansion joint. When the curb and sidewalk are joined together without the expansion joint between, it causes them to collide, which leads to the breaking of the concrete. It's also against the law. The curb belongs to the city, but the sidewalk belongs to the public. The contractor must know what he's doing when he is fixing the sidewalk. He has to perform proper compact in order for the concrete to be applied to be level with it. So if you experience a problem such as this, it's best for you to hire a contractor who is professional and will tell you what sort of gradient goes best with your sidewalk and makes sure future problems don't occur. Make sure he's licensed as well.​